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Our Services

Climate Mitigation Works (CMW) can help you identify and develop greenhouse gas emission projects, and also help secure project finance from conventional sources or the emerging carbon credit markets.

CMW has specialized experience helping develop methane energy projects, some of the highest quality and lowest cost projects available.

CMW has developed carbon credits under the CDM and voluntary markets for project developers, from project design through to registration, and advised on sales decisions. CMW has also developed credit price forecasts and credit asset management strategies, and served as advocates to improve policies to enhance the integrity and efficiency of carbon markets.


From analyzing market potential of different countries to assessing the impact of climate policies, CMW can help you understand the risks and opportunities in an ever-changing environment.  Past services include preparing a policy warning service for a corporate client, assessing potential for entry into a new carbon credit market, and assessing market potential for introduction of new carbon abatement technologies into different markets.



Developing countries are facing increasing challenges to control their greenhouse gas emissions, while financing opportunities are often unclear or only emerging.  CMW can offer governments and donors with assessments of opportunities and risks in developing climate policies, programs, and pilot projects that limit greenhouse gas emissions - with an eye toward ensuring these initiatives are sustainable in the long term.


Companies, governments and other organizations all can benefit from having a robust carbon management strategy.  CMW offers comprehensive services from greenhouse inventories, to carbon management options analysis, to strategy development. 


CMW has two separate climate adaptation initiatives:

  • The Higher Ground Foundation is developing a climate Vulnerability Reduction Credit (VRC™), that may be used to credit effective adaptation projects.

  • Climate Adaptation Works helps identify opportunities to understand and address the impacts of climate change.​

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