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Why CMW?


Today more than ever, companies and governments are committed to reducing or offsetting greenhouse emissions. Fortunately, many of the international and national policies addressing emissions give companies opportunities to choose a number of approaches to reduce emissions.


Cities and other local governments have significant opportunities to mitigate their emissions and also face the challenge of securing the well-being of their citizens against the damage climate change can cause urban infrastructure and communities. Developing countries - which stand to be face some of the worst damage although their emissions have historically been fhe lowest - can work with business and the world community to finance the infrastructure changes needed to adapt succsessfully to climate change. a paragraph. 





Climate Mitigation Works (CMW) offers consulting services to the private and public sectors on strategies and projects to reduce or offset greenhouse gas emissions. CMW also helps cities and others concerned with urban well-being to consider approaches to adapt to the impacts of climate change.


CMW experts possess a broad range of skills focussed on the policy measures, carbon markets and financing sources, and project options available to tackle a range of climate change challenges. CMW staff have particular expertise in methane mitigation and urban climate planning with over 15 years experience in climate change efforts around the world.

For a free consultation, contact Karl Schultz at:

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